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Live Trading

Everyday - and we continue to do so. Stockguy22 offers a Stockguy22 Trading Floor that focuses on bringing you real-time content not only from our main contributors but from the community as well. Live chat, live trade alerts, charts, and much more are accessible within our Virtual Trading Floor.

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We came up with two simple plans, one for active day traders, and one for swing traders. If you're not sure which is right for you,

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This is a great service compared to many other offerings out there. I love the interaction between Frank and other experienced traders here. Nothing else comes close to the level of service and respect that you get from this site. Unfortunately many other stock trading pro's have enormous ego's and are just trying to sell you something, Frank & crew genuinely have several methods of profiting off this market without trying to sell you a fuzzy story and some type of million dollar strategy. Love every aspect of Stockguy and will be a member for years to come.

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